Saturday, 12 April 2014

18 Jan to 5 April - Best Photos

Thy Kingdom come!
Dear Friends, pax Christi:

It is almost Easter and I am sending along my best photos from 18 Jan - 5 April. They are images from a unique perspective in Rome. I include photos from the "7 Churches Pilgrimage" as well as a trip to German-speaking Italy Alto Adige (South Tyrol). I have not had the time to sort them and give the necessary explanations (mea culpa) but I imagine you would like to see them any way. As you know these photos are gifts to be shared. I would love to hear back from you. I am on FB: johnchoilc and you can email me at Thank you!

God bless! May the Joy of the Resurrected Christ fill and bless you.

in Christ, Brother John LC

Hint: At least on Chrome you can click on one image and it will create a slide show.