Friday, 2 May 2014

"And it Was Night" - JPII Canonization (Part 2): The Mission

It was night.

Author with His Cross on the Via della Conciliazione - Vatican City

The stars were out and under them we were gathered in our Mission Parish. For several hours the Eucharist was adored not far from the relics of the two Saints-to-be: John XXIII and John Paul II. 

Relics of St. John Paul the Great

The missionaries had gone out filling hearts with joy and enthusiasm to celebrate something great, something really beautiful. 

Woman in Adoration

The missionaries went out to rile the crowds of JPII lovers and invite them to Confession, Adoration, and to venerate the Relics of the two Saints-to-be. Some of those participating came to join with us in the singing and dancing. It was a beautiful night. 

LC Brothers singing

Father and Daughter venerating a relic of St. John Paul

Br. Vincenz with Cross

"Reporting from Piazza Navona"

Street Missionary

Br. David Parker in Piazza Navona

a Latin-American beat

2-on-2 with the Bros.

Eucharistic Adoration

Monday, 28 April 2014

"And it Was Night" - Canonization Missionary Experience (Part 1): Crossing the Tiber

Saint John wrote these poignant words in his Gospel (Cf. Jn 13:30) as the first Holy Thursday Mass was ending in the Upper Room. Judas was leaving. Judas was selling Jesus out. It was a bitter pill for Jesus and Jesus wasn't happy, so much so that He said, "My Soul, my heart, is sorrowful even unto death" (Cf. Mk 14:34).

I'm still sure of it. There can be no darkness without light and in this darkness there are stars that shine out, stars that once were not but are now. They tell us, "You can make it too". These stars are the saints. They aren't saints for nothing. They're saints because they lived what we lived and proved that God existed and "loved them to the End" (Cf. Jn 13:1). This was my experience of the Canonization of two great saints, John XXIII and John Paul the Great. 

Faithful before a Relic of St. John XXIII in San Salvatore in Lauro Church - Rome, Italy

Don Piero Bongiovanni, parish priest of San Salvatore in Lauro Church in Rome joined forces with the Legionaries at our seminary to offer a few days of intense evangelization for those within and without His parish. Rome was packed and "white was the harvest". His parish isn't the best situated nor the largest but it was the one God chose. 

San Salvatore in Lauro is found between Castel Sant'Angelo and Piazza Navona

We began the mission getting off the train. Our walk from Stazione San Pietro to the Parish takes about 20 minutes. We did it in around 30. We wanted attention and we got some. Rather than taking the fastest way there we crossed St. Peter's Square and then walked down the Via della Conciliazione. Here are a few images as we reached our Parish stronghold. 

LC Brothers with the 2 Popes portrait

Getting some attention
On the Wall Street Journal

Group shot in St. Peter's Square

Crossing the Tiber - Castel Sant' Angelo

Reaching our Parish
Don Piero Bongiovanni beginning our Mission with the Relics of Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II
Part II: The Mission 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

18 Jan to 5 April - Best Photos

Thy Kingdom come!
Dear Friends, pax Christi:

It is almost Easter and I am sending along my best photos from 18 Jan - 5 April. They are images from a unique perspective in Rome. I include photos from the "7 Churches Pilgrimage" as well as a trip to German-speaking Italy Alto Adige (South Tyrol). I have not had the time to sort them and give the necessary explanations (mea culpa) but I imagine you would like to see them any way. As you know these photos are gifts to be shared. I would love to hear back from you. I am on FB: johnchoilc and you can email me at Thank you!

God bless! May the Joy of the Resurrected Christ fill and bless you.

in Christ, Brother John LC

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